What does it cost? And what do I get?

There are only two costs you will ever pay to operate a DR Associates' Private Health Services Plan:

1. A $100 one-time registration fee is charged to initially set up your plan.  There is no GST charged on this registration fee.  To register a plan for your business simply send a $100 cheque from your business account along with the DR Associates Registration Form available on our "Forms" page.  You can even scan or photograph the cheque (front and back) and registration form and submit them electronically.  It's that easy!

2.  For each claim, your business simply pays the cost of the health service receipt(s) total plus our low 5% administration fee, and the GST on that 5% fee.  The total cost (health expense + admin fee + GST on the admin fee) is fully deductible as a business expense.  And of course you only pay when a claim is initiated.  There are no monthly insurance premiums to pay.

The most important thing to look at when you are considering a Private Health Services Plan provider is the  administration fee.  DR Associates offers one of the lowest cost combinations of registration fee ($100) and ongoing administration fee (5%) in the country.  Even with fees this low, we are able to offer value-added services such as Direct Deposits, Pre-Authorized Debits, and unlimited plan changes whenever you want at no charge.  In addition, you can do all your PHSP/HSA plan transactions by secure electronic funds transfer.  Follow this link to see what Our Competitors were offering last time we looked.

DR Associates never charges for:

  • Setting up multiple employees.
  • Changes, additions or deletions to your list of Covered Employees.
  • Changes, additions or deletions to the classes of employees.
  • Submitting multiple claims as often as you like.
  • Keeping your plan open when it's inactive (up to 7 years).

What Do You Get?

Tax conceptYour Private Health Services Plan is a contract between your business and our business, Direct Reimbursement Associates Ltd.  As part of this contractual agreement, Direct Reimbursement Associates commits to:

1.  Pay the full amount of the eligible expenses, tax-free, to the covered employee/claimant.  Our pledge is to complete the adjudication and issue reimbursement within 5 business days of us receiving the claim.

2.  The Planholder receives an Annual Summary Statement of all claims under the Plan within 30 days of your business fiscal year end, as well as a Tax Receipt specifying the full amount that is deductible from your Canadian business taxes.