How to fund claims on your new plan.

The best way to fund claims is by "Pre-Authorized Debit" ("PAD") from your business bank account.  The Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement form is at the bottom of this page.  It can be cancelled by you at any time. PAD protects confidential medical and financial information because claims are submitted directly to us without being viewed by anyone in your organization - and PAD also minimizes the administrative load on your office staff.  You probably already use PAD to pay some of your monthly utility bills.

If all else fails, you can pay for your employee's claim with your business credit card.  Note:  We take payment by credit card as a convenience to our planholders.  However, due to the fee charged to us by your credit card company, we have to pass on this extra expense to you.  As you know, we only charge a 5% administration fee on each claim, so you can see how losing 3% or so on each claim makes our business model unworkable.  Therefore we charge a 3% surcharge (for an effective total administrative fee on each claim of 8%) plus $0.30 processing fee on all credit card transactions other than your one-time Registration Fee.  We did not decide this lightly as we pride ourselves in keeping our 5% administration fee the lowest in Canada, but this is the only way we can continue do that if you pay by credit card.  Once you have completed sending the proper forms or documents to us, proceed below to pay by credit card.  By clicking on the "Pay Now" link you accept our payment terms.

Note:  We cannot process claims without receipts and a signed claim form. Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement

Our Payments system is currently under maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience.